eMMC Pro V1.10

eMMC Pro V1.10 

eMMC Pro V1.10 Notes :

Samsung Factory Reset Added
Samsung Factory Reset will reset eMMC Configurations to factory state  

eMMC RPBM Resize:
You can resize the eMMC RPMB Partition up-to 8MB different to 1.09 Expanded. 

eMMC BOOT Resize:
You can resize the eMMC BOOT Partition included 3MB , 5MB and 6MB different to 1.09 Expanded. 

Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report:
Samsung S.M.A.R.T Report CMD's and sequences implemented. 

This will show you the health of the Samsung eMMCs included Capacity , NAND BANKS , BAD Blocks of each BANKS .

GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 Activating the Partitions :
Resizing and activating GP1,GP2,GP3,GP4 partitions is important in some mobile phones contain this partitions . 

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