eMMC Pro V1.09

[5 JUNE 2017]
When you first run eMMC Pro V1.09 sw will update your firmware .
With the new firmware we have implemented better detection and more features.
and makes it more stable and alot more powerful with more powerful features.
[Samsung eMMC Firmware Update]
Vendor CMDs and sequences implemented in order to update and repair Dead eMMCs
Solution for the known problems :

Firmware List :
[Samsung eMMC Firmware Read:]
 You can read Samsung eMMC Firmware's in case you have New Samsung eMMC in your hand which is not supported !
[Qualcomm Disk with eMMC Booster:]
 When there is a Qualcomm disk is connected you can choose eMMC Booster on the interface and write proper dump for it.
 eMMC Pro Software handle the procedures directly into Qualcomm Disk !

 [Samsung eMMC Boot Resize ( Partition ) :]
 Re-Configuring BOOT1 , BOOT2 , RPMB
 Configuring Partition Sizes is important if you do not have matching eMMC for another device .
 [Solution for :] MTK Devices or any Device for this matter should be able to match the original device (eMMC Configuration ) will let the device work properly .
[eMMC BOOT CFG Setup :]
 BOOT Configuration Setup Device (eMMC) to boot in particular Area of the Device

[Samsung eMMC CID Writing / Patch :]
 Writing any CID into device will help you configure Samsung eMMCs into any eMMC !
For ex : Hynix CID into Samsung eMMC to act as Hynix eMMC
Solution for : Many MTK Mobile phones with unique CID determined !

[MTK Preloader.bin CID Parsing for the UI ]
 Parse the preloader.bin and select in order to make it compatible eMMC CID .

[UI Definitions :]
[BOOT Size : ]
 You can select the BOOT Size that you want to configure
 1MB , 2MB , 4MB , 8MB

[RPMB Size: ]
 You can select the RPMB Size that you want to configure
 128KB , 256KB , 512KB , 1024KB

[BOOT Configuration : ]
 User selects boot data that will be sent to device

[CID Write Module: ]
 CID Box acts as Combobox when selected a preloader.bin
 Modify and write the require CID into Device .

[CID Load from preloader.bin: ]
 Small Button with [+] Loads the preloader.bin and parse into Combobox you to select !

[Upgrade Firmware : ]
 It will write selected firmware into eMMC
 eMMC ID should match with the Firmware otherwise writing process will fail or will not work .
[ New Firmware : 2017052915210004 ]
 Thank you for all eMMC Pro Customers to keep sending us requests and suggestions .
 There is a lot more to come
 Best Regards
 eMMC Pro Team

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